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This is a Syml example section that is showing various capabilities of Syml distribution. This page just try to look cool with the various use of paragraph components.

Business Lego

Building a complex site can be a mess. That is why we are using a component approach with various paragraph types to make content creation&building much easier. Think of it like a lego project - you have a lot of small pieces and with them, you can create various different stuff easily :)

Which content components we support?

Glad you asked this. We support many content components (lego types) out of the box, and we can add more of them to custom projects or Syml distribution when it can be reused on multiple projects.

Here are some content components we support.

You can have one title and multiple subtitle when needed

You already have seen a lot of examples of text, like this one but we can do more like add link to somewhere

and many more content components like link buttons, intro and footer text, quotes, etc. For all content component examples please visit this page.

Component styles

Content components do not just have content, you can attach behaviours to it. Think of behaviours as a way to change component in some way. One of the behavior types is a style which can change the look of a component, like for example making a link look like a button and align it in the centre of the page horizontally.

Each component support different styles, and like components, component styles are extensible and we can add more of them over time.

Layout components

Having just a bunch of content component is cool but not enough to create good-looking pages. We also need a way to group components and position them on the page. For that, we are using two things

  1. Container component - which can hold other content components
  2. Grid layout behaviour type - which tells container how to layout inner components. 

But containers also have regular styles and we have two default ones, inverted and alternate. This two styles are changing the background color of a container and can also change colors of inner components if needed.

For example, this is an alternate container with '1-1' layout and text and image in it. The text is first so it's on the left and image is second so it's on the right.

Rose tiles
People in calendar
Photo by Curtis MacNewton on Unsplash

A large field turned into a calendar with a volume of people walking around at The Centre Pompidou

We also support a container in a container as you can see on this example of an alternate container with '1-1' layout. On the left, you have a container which holds image and text beneath the image.